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November 2014

The election is over and we now have a new executive board. President Michael Lynch, Secretary-Treasurer Terry Mitchell, Vice President Art Clemens, Area Vice President's Tanya Hillis, Jason Crockett and Chuck Miller. Half of the Executive Board is new and will be going to new Officer training the last week of January 2015. We have two(2) Area Rep's Norm Kanzaki and and Nancy Dee O'Brien, at this time and looking for more. I want to thank everyone for stepping up to the plate. We still need Area Rep's, Stewards, Committee Chairs and members for the different committees. We have two (2) new Stewards that will be getting trained this month with several more to be interviewed. There is a long road ahead due to the loss of so many members over the last year or so. Due to the last big closure of the Seattle business office the last E-Board made a motion that the new E-Board start their terms immediately following the elections, instead of waiting till January 2015.

For our CenturyLink members we have begun meeting with the company for Entitlement and Personal Day Agreements for 2015. This is a very important process because it details how many personal days each group will get and what are the guild lines that have to be followed. lt's almost different for every work group depending on their type of work and hours they are open. Both processes should be completed by December 31, 2014 but sometime it takes longer for the PPD's agreement.

We have been meeting IATSE management another one of our bargaining units and members and made progress on several issues that some of the members had, it's been a work in process. lt's a smaller group and there first contract so we have had some challenge on what the contract says verse the intent. Things seem to be going pretty at this time.

MV Transportation our bargaining unit in Redmond is preparing for a new process to choose their Vacation and PTO's verse the way they choose it now. The new process will be selecting their Vacation and PTO Day's for year 2016 starting the last quarter 2015 and it will be done by seniority, The current process they turn in forms and wait to see if they get the time off or not on first come first serve. Hopefully the new process will be more efficient in helping members to better plan their lives, lt's going to be a quite a process because of how members get there new time on anniversary dates. Some will have to be prorated the company has a very open process and will explain it to whoever needs help in understanding it. We have members working out there from over 20-25 different ethnic back grounds.

The Telecommunications & Technologies Leadership Conference will take place January 17th thru January 20th at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix, AZ. At this conference they will be electing the Bargaining Committee for the next AT&T contract which expires April 1, 2015. We have some AT&T members that are part of this contract. We will keep them updated as the Local is updated on negotiations.

Don't forget Annual Enrollment for Health Care begins 11/10/2014 and ends 11/21/2014.

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