CWA Local 7800

August 2016 Presidents Report

Due to the downsizing with CenturyLink workers there in several work groups, are moving to the Lenora building in Seattle from Bell Plaza. We are told there is plenty of unused work space in the new building they are moving to and they are paying top dollar for the lease space in Bell Plaza. It’s hard to believe that we used to have the whole 32 floors in Bell Plaza and now we will only be on 4-5 floors and those floors are not full. We had the Terry Ave building at one time as well. All those jobs are gone and will never return. CenturyLink is hiring mostly outside techs, which is good. This year so far, CenturyLink has hired more than 100 techs in the Seattle area. We have had about 25-30 of them move around to the Valley, Tacoma, Puyallup and Auburn, either way it is still good to have people being hired. CWA District 7 is gearing up for the contract next year as well with CenturyLink and its going to be a rough ride from what we have experienced in the past. Some of the other Locals that have been bargaining with CenturyLink over the last 1-2 years can agree. It’s been pretty clear CenturyLink is not a Union company. The Quad State Meeting will be August 21st thru August 24th 2016 in Sunriver, OR. This year we will have Locals represented from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. These meeting are very interesting; we share what is going on in each state as far as the Locals. There’s work groups represented from all kinds of jobs within CWA. Organizing, Safety and Political Actions are some of the important subjects with workshops. I’m told that techs will be billed for tickets (parking, speeding, etc…) they are sent when operating a company vehicle, which are as of now sent to the company by mail and the company is possibly thinking of adding some kind of discipline along with it.

We are still in negations with IATSE Local 15 for a three (3) year contract. The contract expired June 30, 2016, but was extended due to the work schedule for July and August being one of their most busy times of the year for their work group. We currently have an extension thru September 27th, 2016. We do have some dates now in place that we will start meeting for Bargaining right after the Labor Day holiday. There are several concerns the work group has and we will make sure they are addressed. The Bargaining Committee from the work members group is Hollie Jacobs and Leah Harris, along with me, Terry Mitchell and Art Clemens.

Things are pretty calm with MV Transportation for now. We are still working on some open issues. We now have about seven (7) Stewards on board, which is helping Chuck Miller; the Area Vice President and Nancy Dee O’Brien; the Area Rep. We are in the process of scheduling a meeting with the company to discuss some concerns and trying to make sure everyone is on board, including the Company. We are trying to also get this taken care of prior “advance training” for our Stewards.

Another company we have members at-DGM Control has added two (2) more new members to their payroll. We have a good working relationship with the company. It would be great if some of our other units had this kind of working relationship. We do have a signed contract with OPEIU for our office manager for the next 3 years and that is great because she is an great help to this Local.

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