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December 2014 Presidents report

We are at the end of the year 2014, and are now preparing for the New Year to come of 2015. For our CenturyLink members who are completing the (PPD) Personal Priority Day Agreements and (LOA) Letters of Agreements for 2015; all the work groups should be finished with Vacation and personal Days selections. lt's getting to be a bigger challenge if the company is giving more than two (2) PPD's because of the blocks and caps they are placing on the agreements now. We have more work groups now that are choosing to go with the contract agreement of two (2) day no blocks or caps. Since its not clearly stated in the contract, the company is choosing to make you take them as a full day and not in hour increments, as we have been able to do before and per the district they can do that.
Effect December 8,201,4, Ryan Weeks will be the new Health Benefits Coordinator servicing Legacy Qwest CWA and IBEW 206 employees and retirees. Ryan recently worked as a Screening Consultant in Boise, lD and he also served as the Executive Vice President in Local 7603. Ryan's focus will be to assist employees with understanding plan provisions on health care, disability and FMLA; where to locate plan documents; and to assist with benefits related escalations, if there are issues with the company vendors. Ordinarily, the Centurylink Service Center uses the primary resource for the Company on all benefitsrelated provisions. For claims related inquires, employees should first contact their health care plan carrier for assistance. Similarly, Short Term Disability and Family Medical Leave claims, including applications, approval/denial notices, and filing claims and appeals, if there are issues with Centurylink vendors CenturyLink Disability Services, you should contact Ryan for assistance. The Centurylink Services Center can be contacted at 1-800-729-7526 for Health Care and Short Term Disability and Family Medical Leave related information by choosing the applicable options(s). lf you still need assistance after contacting the CenturyLink Service Center, your healthcare plan carrier or CenturyLink Disability Services, contact Ryan at or by phone at 208-454-4038.
We are experiencing a high number of complaints on members on members with our MV Transportation unit. They have a policy where you can turn in a complaint on a union brother or sister if they feel it's unsafe or you can have a conversation with them if you feel comfortable with that. None of this is to be placed in your personal file or any discipline, they are just getting covered on it. I have spoken with the management and shared my concerns of people reporting people because of any reason other than unsafe. I was toldjhat the person being reported would not know who reported them, but that is not true because we have had confrontations now with "you reported me and now I reported you". I asked management how is the names getting out on who report who when it is supposed to be confidential? I advised management that this is causing a hostile work environment.
All the Union bulletins boards will be updated next month for all the bargaining units we represent with the new officers and we are also recruiting for Area Rep's, Stewards, Committee Chairs and Committee members. We have 16 different Committee's and we are always looking for members to join them.


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