CWA Local 7800

December 2011


Submitted by Michael Lynch


The elections results for the next 3 years are in. I want to personally thank Debbie Stevens and Dave Holmkvist for their hard work and commitment to this Local for many years of service. They both decided not to run again for office. Starting January 1, 2012 THE Officers will be as follows: President-Stan Wylie, Secretary Treasurer-Craig Dameron and Vice President-Michael Lynch. The Area Vice President’s will be Terry Mitchell, Paul Green, Karen Thompson and Art Clemens.

The elections are over for now; we did pretty well for candidates that support working families. Some good ballots measures passed and some failed. The election of the century is next year starting with the White House and on to the Senate and House. The governor’s race here in Washington next year will be very interesting as well. Our values are under attack and those who will suffer the most should we lose control of the precious ground we now hold, includes organized labor, the elderly, women, children, and people of color and without question, this country’s poorest citizens.

The merger with AT&T and T-Mobile is dead. After all the complaints filed by the FCC and Department of Justice, it seems pretty clear it was a dead deal. The worry was that AT&T would be the largest telecom company in the United States and prices could go thru the roof. With headquarters in Bellevue, Washington there were concerns that if the company moved out of state, thousands of jobs would be at risk. Neither Senator Patty Murray nor Marie Cantwell was in support of the merger.

We have been getting many calls from the retiree’s on the new premiums for next year. It has been referred to the District office to see what formula was used to compute the amounts for the monthly premiums. Judy Fries is our District 7 retiree contact. Her number is 319-365-3719. Please feel free to call her with retiree questions. She is trying to get the retiree’s chapter back up and running again, currently the chapter is inactive. With the CenturyLink contract expiring next year we really need to have the retiree’s on board with us as well. Judy has done a mailing to the retiree members; we are hoping to have the retiree chapter back up and running the first quarter of the year.

We have a tentative agreement with Tel Data Systems now. We are working with the company to set up a time we can meet with the members and have a vote. More details will follow once we have presented it to the members first. It’s a 1 year contract.

We are still meeting with DGM Controls. We have made pretty good progress, but still have much to do. Their contract is up December 31, 2011. Of course our goal is to have a deal before that date. Over all I feel we will meet the deadline with a tentative agreement to the members before that date.

Verizon is still bargaining and making some progress; based off the last conference call by the national.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your help and support during my turn as President of this great Local over the last 3 years. From the E-Board, to Area Rep’s, Stewards, Committee Chairs and our members, and Cathy Sterbens our Secretary. My plans are to still retire on or by May 2013.God Bless.



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