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CWA Local 7800 Retirees to meet

It is that time again as many of our Telco contracts are expiring including CenturyLink that expires in October of this year. As you all have seen in previous years and especially this year there were huge increases in healthcare premiums for retirees. We can expect the company to continue to attack retiree healthcare coverage and need your help to try and prevent that from happening.

The theme for bargaining with CenturyLink this year is “It Takes All Of Us” and in this round of bargaining it will take all of us including the retirees. We will have to bargain hard to gain improvements over the premiums for this year but also to keep what retirees have earned.

We will need to stand together all of the Retirees, Seniors, and active members. We can’t take anything for granted anymore, our benefits, Social Security, and Medicare is at stake. As you can see not only is bargaining important but so are the upcoming national elections. Please stand with us as we fight for the benefits that we have worked hard for over the years.

We will be having a meeting on June 8th at the Beacon Hill Library located at 2821 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144. The meeting will be from 1pm to 3pm. We picked this location as it has free parking and is accessible by the light rail and bus line. The Library is one block south of the station.

Some of you may have been part of the Local 7800 Retiree Chapter several years ago but unfortunately the chapter was never able to pass By-Laws therefore at this point we will need to hold a new election for officers of the chapter. Our intention is to hold elections at this meeting. It is important to note that in order to vote you have to be a lifetime member of the CWA Retired Members council. We have included an application in case you are not currently a lifetime member. If you are unsure call the office and we can check for you.

After this initial meeting we will have to have another meeting within a few weeks to pass the By-Laws. The next meeting date and location will be determined within a day or two following this meeting. We will advertise the location on our website (, Facebook page (CWA Seattle) and on our hotline number (206 441-9248).

I can’t reiterate enough how important the resources of the retirees will be in this process and honestly every person who receives this letter has a personal stake in the outcome. Any negative changes to your current benefits can be devastating to many and certainly a hardship for others. These are youre benefits and will require retiree participation to attempt to preserve them.
Please come to the meeting.

Stan Wylie
CWA Local 7800

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