CWA Local 7800

October 2012

My report will actually be pretty brief at least what is in writing. Regarding CenturyLink Bargaining most of that is covered on the reports provided by the District and those are available on our website, the District site, our Facebook page, and of course the hotline. I won’t be getting into all that here. Last month I took questions regarding bargaining for over an hour and I expect this month will be doing the same. I do however want to make a few points. As of today the contract is extended day by day both sides have to agree to that and both sides have to give 24 hour notice that they will not be extending the following day. If that happens it does not mean we go on strike when the 24 hours is up. It simply means we are working without a contract and that allows the Union to do some different mobilization activities and a strike could be called at any time. The Union is also still waiting for a healthcare proposal and a wage proposal neither have been given to the bargaining team so again it is hard to call a strike when that information has not been shared. Again it is not the desire for the Union to go on strike we would prefer to resolve our issues without going there and we have plenty of options before calling a strike. Since this report is posted publicly on our website I am somewhat constrained about the information I can share.

I do want to thank all of our members for staying engaged, participating in our mobilizations and will encourage you all to continue to do that. Actually I would encourage folks to ramp it up a bit if possible and enthusiastically participate. I want to thank folks who have been helping and we have helpers all over the place. We are trying to get information to several large buildings in Seattle, numerous techs in CO’s, several different garages from Burien, to Mercer Island, to Lake City, as well as the Peninsula, and Bellingham. It is quite a challenge to make this happen and we have folks coming in at 430 in the morning and staying late at night. THANK YOU for all who are making it happen. We may not get to everyone everyday but we are trying our best to make sure everyone is getting the same information near the same time

When the slogan for this year was decided “It Takes All Of Us” I don’t think it was foreseen that truer words could be said. The proposals of late have just been crazy. It is even more disinheriting to see the value they put on the workers that do the work so the company can earn Billions in profit. I am somewhat appalled by it only because they say they value us, they appreciate us but I suppose I can say I saw a blue elephant… The question is can I show you a blue elephant. They have shown by their demands that we are not valued. That will stick around a long time. It is also disturbing that they have corporate values I guess they just don’t apply to bargaining? Or are they just hollow words in general. I don’t know, well I have my opinion you certainly should draw your own.

MV Transportations contract is up in July of next year and those folks are ready to start the process now… I met with about 40 folks in a park earlier to discuss some items of concern and between myself and the stewards we will be addressing those concerns with the appropriate management. Some of the items are much bigger issues that will have to be addressed at bargaining though. That being said any MV members who have questions or concerns regarding paid time and unpaid time off, their paycheck being short time, or any tardy or attendance notifications they do not agree with really should contact a local steward or call us directly. If you find out you were given an attendance point weeks or months ago and didn’t know we need to know about that. We will have more to come on those issues.
Briefly I want to discuss political stuff. PLEASE VOTE. Our elections are going to be very close and every vote does matter so please vote including in local and state elections.

Sorry folks kind of ran out of time to get this in but please feel free to check out our website and forgive my briefness… It’s been a busy few weeks...

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