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July 2016 Presidents Report

The President meeting for CWA National was held June 13, 2016 in Washington D.C. Since we have the convention every other year, the All Presidents Meeting is held on the off year and that was this year. The meeting is for any appeals that a member or Local want to take to the floor when the National Executive Board has denied it or the National President has denied it and the Appeals Committee has upheld it. There were about 6 appeals and 2 were voted on and appear to be going to arbitration. June the 14th and 15th was the Legislative Conference. That is when you go and meet with your legislative representatives from your state, in Congress and the Senate. We met with Marie Cantwell and Patty Murray. It was very interesting and we had very good meeting with them both. One of the main topics was the TPP. Both stated that there would not be a vote on that till after the elections, I believe they both support it but would not say because CWA is against it and all other unions are as well. We brought up the fact that back when Larry Cohen was President of CWA National he testified to the FCC to support a bill that the federal government would give funds to phone companies to install internet in rural areas when some of the local phones would not because the lack of revenue, meaning the company would not get any profit to their satisfaction. The government granted CenturyLink $3 Billion over the next 6 years which would be over $500,000 a year; which was the largest of any or the other company and about 1 month ago we got a letter from CenturyLink saying all this work would be contracted out and none was to be done by union workers. Both Senators said there is an act called the “Davis Bacon Act” that would address this and they had big problems with this and stated they would be looking in to this and that don’t sound right. Larry Cohen would never support this if he knew this would be the outcome. Also we pointed out the fact that Wall Street pays 20% on funds and we pay 37%. We are asking them to pass some legislation that they pay the same as we do or lower ours or raise their’s.

MV Transportation is getting started on their new bids for the next 6 months. It’s going to be very different because now there will be bids with the Connector and Shuttle routes on the same bid. The company stated this would be good because now some drivers can get more hours. Also the company would pay for drivers to get their CDL, for those that wanted it and don’t have them. We are having a meeting to go over the bids with the company before they are sent out to the drivers.

We are in bargaining with IATSE Local 15. Their contract expired on June 30, 2016. We have an extension till July 29, 2016. We have met with the work group and got their proposals on what they would like added to the contract or deleted. We are working on what proposals we will be taking to the table and see what the company will be presenting to us as well. This is the second contract for them so it’s going to be kind of rough because a lot of the members don’t fully understand that we are not bargaining the whole contract and that we only take 7 to 10 proposals to the table. One thing to realize is that anything we get as a positive, the company usually wants something in return, you don’t get without giving.

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