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August 2015 Presidents Report

 Brenda Roberts is our new District 7 Vice President. She has been putting her staff together. The CWA Executive Board approved the Budget Committee’s recommendation to back fill the District 7 Administrative Director’s position that is vacant, as the result of Brenda Roberts moving to Vice President. Congratulations to Susie McAllister who has accept the position. Susie is currently our Staff Rep, so her position will be back filled.
The CWA Executive Board has approved the Budget Committee’s recommendation to back fill the vacant position that is in Phoenix, as a result of Rhoda Hailey’s retirement. There is also a position in Denver as of Jay Boyle’s move to Assistant to the Vice President, and in Seattle as a result of Susie’s move to Administrative Director. The District will now begin the process of filling these vacancies.
The 2nd Quarter 2015 earnings results have been released and the company hosted an All-Employee Meeting. Glen Post stated we are experiencing success with our strategic growth initiatives; our revenue growth in 2015 is below expectations. As a result the say they need to reduce our operating expenses to bring them more in line with their current revenue streams. Over the coming weeks and months the company stated they will take several steps to achieve these necessary cost reductions.

The company stated they are doing everything they can to minimize the impact to employees by reducing business-related travel expenses, significantly limiting hiring for new roles and backfill positions, and reducing third-party contractors. However, one of the most difficult steps we must take is a reduction in our current workforce over the next couple of months. We all know none of this is good news for us. He also stated some of the effected employees will get separation packages and some will not, this does not apply for the bargained for workers because we will get packages if we are effected.
We are still in bargaining with MV Transportation. We had to cancel the meeting for July because of some scheduling conflicts and next the next meeting is August 17th and 18th 2015 at the Area Office. We have made some progress but nothing is final till we get a tentative agreement. We have posted updates on the unions boards at both the BOC and OTC. The current contract was extended till 8/21/2015 and everything remains in effect per the current contract. Also under Article 8, Section 1 it states- No Strikes or Lockouts.
The new bids are out at both work locations and it went a lot smoother than the last one. There is a large turnover with employees at MV right now. We are going to try and see if there is something we can do to slow this trend. We will be setting up dates for the new Stewards.
We have a new contract with DGM Controls the members voted on and they overwhelming accepted the contract for the next 3 years for 2015 thru 2018. The members will be receiving and copy of the new contract as soon as they are available.
Also, AT&T has a new contract that was voted on and accepted overwhelming by the members.

We are currently working on the Newsletter that is coming out on the 1st of September. We need the articles submitted by 12 PM (noon) this Friday the 14th if you would like to contribute to it.

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