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March 2015 Presidents Report

Bargaining has started March 5,2015 for CWA Legacy AT&T contract which includes our AT&T members. The contract expires on April 11,2015.

You can  check Bargaining information at and and. Our contract expires midnight April 11th, 2015. The last several contract negotiations with AT&T have been difficult at best, and we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to make real gains at the bargaining table this year. Part of that includes getting ourselves and our families ready for a strike.

Though over 98Yo of contracts are resolved without a shike, and Legacy AT&T has not been on strike since 1986, a strike is a necessary tool for our arsenal against corporate greed.

Things you need to before contract expiration...


o Routine Medical visits (wellness checks) for everyone.

 o Dental / Vision appointments.

 o Do your taxes, and save your tax retum.

. Only buy necessities, continue saving money.

o Hold off on purchasing that new car/boator luxury vacation until after the contract is settled.

In the coming weeks we will be taking a strike vote. It is important that you are prepared to vote yes.

Yes means you are authorizing CWA National President to cali a strike if necessary.

 Yes means you are serious about protecting your rights, wages, working conditions and benefits on the job.

Yes means you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect yourself, your family and your coworkers.


We work hard to make this company successful. We have to stand up and fight to ensure we get the fair contract we deserve.

We had our first bargaining meeting 3/7/15 at MV Transportation from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at 1227 124th Ave NE, Bellevue WA, Some very importation information was shared by members and one major disconnect seems to be understanding what the Union does for the member. Due to the different back grounds, countries and religions, it's pretty hard trying to connect with the members. We have members from over 25 different countries working at MV. We have about 5 Steward applications for new Stewards that have been tumed in to the Local. We will hopefully be bringing them onboard soon to help communicate with our members. English is not always their first language, so there is a big language barrier. We will be dropping off flyers in mail boxes and handing them out, going forward before each meeting. Doing this we are hoping to get a good tumout atthe meetings. The next two (2) meetings will be in the Safety Room at the BOC on 4/4/15 and 5/2/15 from 10;00 AM to 12:00 PM. We will be collecting bargaining proposals at both of these meetings and at the meeting on 5l2ll5 we will electing the Bargaining Cbmmittee- one member from Shuttle and one member from Connecter. They are who will represent the members at the bargaining table, along with me and Susie, our Staff Rep from the Area Office.

We are starting the process also to meet with DGM Controls, another one of our bargaining unit's. Their contract expires on June 30,2015 at midnight. We will be reaching out to them to see what proposals or changes they would like to see in the new bargaining agreement.

We are in conversation with Tel Data Systems. They are another one of our bargaining units that we currently don't have an agreement vrith. We have been hard at work in discussions with them. We have another meeting set for 3/l7ll5 and hopefully we can come to an agreement at that time.

IATSE is another one our units we represent and for now things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

CenturyLink has come with the new Technician expectations. The expectations apply to all Technicians within Washington Global Operation and Shared Services Organization that are within Sue Anderson's Orgarization It is a 9 page document that they will be covered on. The L-RAC is counting down the days until the center close. The center closes on April 6,2015 and the company is still writing members up to the last day. Some mernbers have applied for new employment and have gotten interviews, but cannot leave till their very last day or they won't get there package and they have been on mandatory over time since the last announcement.


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