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September 2016 Presidents Report

We have our first meeting with IASTE Local 15 for bargaining. It has been a challenge since it is their most busy work season -the summer. They supply workers for Seattle Center, Paramount, Benaroya Hall and mostly all event halls. With their work schedule and our work schedule and vacations through the summer we extended the contract out thru September 27, 2016. The Local has a good Bargaining Team and is looking forward to bargaining starting on September 23, 2016. We will keep the Membership posted.

CenturyLink is starting the massive move of workers out of the old Bell Plaza building this month to the Lenora building. Some workers have been given dates and seating assignments. We filed a grievance against the company for outsourcing work and offering a (VSPP) Voluntary Separation Payment Plan and hiring at the same time. We found out our grievance was denied and per the District nothing was violated in the contract because no one was forced out off the job or put out of work. This was a hard hit for the Local. However we will continue to challenge the company with their practices. We have a new class of techs starting of about 12 which is good news. During the Direct TV campaign CWA got 1,000 new members added to the National. There is a National campaign with CWA called Women in Power. More information will be forth coming on that. The one year Kick-off for the CenturyLink Contract will begin on October 6, 2016. More information will be coming in the next few weeks.

Senators Patty Murry and Marie Cantwell along with Brenda Roberts our District Vice President, Lisa Bolton Vice President of T&T, Chris Shelton our National President for CWA and many other congressmen wrote to Glen Post about the CAF deal where CenturyLink got the largest portion. They will get over $500,000.00 a year for the next 6 years to provide internet to rural areas in the country. When this came about and at the time our National President of CWA was Larry Cohen and he testified for this at the FCC. Later now the deals are made, CenturyLink has decided not to use any Union workers and to contract all this work out. How fair is this? There is a rule called the Davis Bacon Act that is being reviewed in regards to this issue.

More information will be coming. As of today we have not heard anything back from the company in regards to this issue. We will be visiting the different work locations getting cards signed and letters wrote in regards to defeating the TTP. We really want people to get signed up and vote for this election. There will be two (2) boot Camps for some of these actions. One boot camp will in Seattle on October 13th and 14th and one in Oregon November 16th and 17th. If anyone is interested please let us know and I can get more information to you.

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