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June 2013

Bargaining with MV Transportation has begun... well sort of. We had meetings planned with the company Bargaining Agents who travel here from out of state. They cancelled the meeting and not sure exactly why they did so but if they say they can’t make it what can you do. We did however as a compromise meet with the local General Manager to have some discussion and made some proposals. In order to have that meeting we agreed nothing financial would be presented until their whole team was present. The company had no proposals for us to review... hmm sound familiar…. We have now scheduled 3 full days of meetings on the 24th, 25th, and 26th. I am not sure we can get to a contract in 3 days but I suppose it is possible. We will keep everyone posted. For those who want to receive bargaining reports via email feel free to call or email with your information and we can add you to the list.

I have mentioned before the grievances have increased considerably this year over previous years. Many of these grievances are over rules and contractual language. Hopefully during bargaining we can get some letters of agreement on scheduling issues, vacation coverage, the use of PTO and vacation time, cut off for when it has to be used etc… We also have lots of other stuff to discuss.

At CenturyLink regarding bargaining, what’s to report? Being a bit facetious there but really, as we all know a mediator has been called in. They have met and basically a gag order has been placed until the mediator is done. So both sides have presented information to the mediator and they are reviewing the information. Later this month will come back with some recommendations; mind you they are only recommendations not binding on either party. We will put out information as soon as we get it but until then I would expect things to stay relatively calm until then.

Craig did attend the Stockholders meeting and he wrote up a report on that and the report is online at our website. On a different topic Craig and I have been in bargaining with IATSE for many months and are having difficulty reaching agreement. We did end up filing a NLRB board charge against IATSE and it appears we may have won some of that charge but we haven’t received the official notification yet. Craig will cover that in his report this month so will leave it at that for now.

I’m proud to announce that I have been working with the MLKCLC in regards to the Seattle Pride Parade coming up on June 30th. If anyone has been in attendance to watch you may have noticed various labor organizations walking in the parade at different times. Last year some of the groups I saw only had a handful of folks while other groups clearly had more resources. My suggestion was they talk with the PRIDE organizers and that all of the labor organizations walk behind the MLKCLC banner to show the community that Labor is much larger and united. I also thought there may be cost savings as well. It happened so they were able to make it work. We will be in the parade with all of Labor we are seeking volunteers to come walk with us so if you want to come and have some fun let us know..

CWA has also been working with the steelworkers union and together received a grant to create Safety training and put on classes to train workers about safety issues in the workplaces, various laws and agencies that can assist with safety issues. We participated in a class last week and the local was able to send 9 folks to the training. We had 4 stewards from MV and 4 stewards from CenturyLink. The topic of that class was accident investigation. I was hoping for a little bit more as we received the short version of the class but I do think beneficial for folks at least in regards to understanding our rights as workers who participate in company safety committees.
As we have reported we would keep you all informed on any progress in finding a new location for the local and any statuses. We have nothing concrete we are looking at a few different options while still searching. To be honest we have not found any locations where the Executive Board (myself included) has had that “this is perfect” thought… I have been kind of hopeful that the perfect scenario would present itself but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen so some sacrifices are going to have to happen. As we said last month since the deal to purchase this building failed us no longer have a 6 month after close window and really could be given 30 days’ notice at any time. So we will have to make some decisions here soon and push forward.

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