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June 2014

So I had been working on my report and got the news that the BMG office in Seattle is being closed. The announcement was made on 6-10-14. It affects 150 people. It is devastating news and very impactful to all these folks. I also am in that group of folks being terminated from Centurylink. Most of the folks will be off payroll in 90 days however some will stay on for a couple more weeks. I have no idea how that will work but will look into it.

The company in their explanation said they really don’t need three centers so need to cut it to two. But they are moving some work to Bismarck ND (44 people) and some folks can follow their work their. Bismarck is currently not even a center in those terms. Pretty flimsy reason and defies logic. If they want to cut headcount by 100 then so be it but really to say they need to cut it to 2 centers when Bismarck wasn’t really a center to begin with?

We also have the COEIT surpluss going on and fast approaching a resolution date. It doesn’t look like it will get resolved without someone being forced off the payroll but at this time I really don’t know how that will end up.

I will renew my call from before if you see contractors doing work you think is ours please let the office know. If we can get the location, order number, contracting company that would be helpful.

We will put out more information soon. I really just don’t have the ability to do it at the moment with the deadline of getting this report done this afternoon. All I can say is I am really saddened by this news as I believe we are all.

I did want to say that I was gone most of May 2 weeks for vacation and a week in Texas doing some Trial Panel work for CWA. So I was out of the loop for awhile but I will say Craig was able to take on a lot of extra work during the time and things ran well while I was gone.

At MV Transportation we had an arbitration and it was the first full blown arbitration we had with MV. The member was discharhed from the company. The ruling came back and we won that arbitration and the employee will be returning to work with full seniority, back pay, (minus other earnings) and benefits. While I am very happy with the ruling I do want to again remind folks that is not always the case and sometimes we won’t win. We also had several grievances go our way in the last month as well. None as impactful of the arbitration but we were successful in getting some safety points, attendance points, removed and in one case a couple days pay for a member.

I am going to cut this short so I can get it submitted but I will try and put out some information via our website and email in the coming weeks.

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