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September 2015 Presidents Report

 CWA National 75th CONVENTION 

CWA National 75th Convention was held June 8th thru 10th 2015 in Detroit, MI. The National Elections were held as well. These are the results: Christ Shelton was elected the New President of Communications Workers of America by acclamation; Sara Steffens was elected CWA Secretary-Treasurer, Brooks Sunkett was re-elected Vice President of the Public, Health Care and Education Worker’s Sector. Also four (4) Delegates were elected for the At-Large Diversity Members of the Executive Board: Carolyn Wade – Northwest Region, Vera Mikell – Southeast Region, Anetra Session – Central Region and Frank Arce– Western Region.

In District 1, Delegates unanimously elected Dennis Trainor as Vice President, In District 3, Delegates elected Richard Honeycutt as Vice President, In District 2-13, Delegates elected Ed Mooney as Vice President, In District 4, Delegates re-elected Linda Hinton, and In District 6, Delegates re-elected Claude Cummings, In District 7, Delegates elected Brenda Roberts as Vice President, In District 9, Delegates elected Tom Runnion as Vice President and in the Telecommunications & Technologies Sector, Delegates elected Lisa Bolton as Vice President.

Our former District 7 Vice President Reed Roberts has been using up some vacation time and will officially retire on his CWA service anniversary, July 18, 2015. Reed worked for CWA for 21 years. He was hired by then Vice President Sue Pisha in 1994 and served as a Staff Representative in Seattle WA and then as an Administrative Director and Assistant to the Vice President in Denver CO. Reed served as the CWA Bargaining Agent for Qwest from 2004 until his retirement. He co-chaired Qwest bargaining in 2005 and he chaired Qwest contract negotiations in 2008 and 2012. Reed’s commitment to CWA and our members never wavered in his 42 year career.

Brenda Roberts asked Jay Boyle to serve as her assistant. Jay joined CWA in 2005 as a Staff Representative in Omaha NE. He transferred to the Denver office in 2009. He co-chaired Qwest contract negotiations in 2008 and 2012 and is the CWA Bargaining Agent for the Qwest contract. Jay also served as the Legislative/Political coordinator for Colorado. He has been involved in organizing drives in Nebraska and Colorado and brings experience on all sides of the triangle. Jay will start as Assistant to the Vice President on July 20, 2015.

Brenda Roberts shared her vision and goals and asked for help to make them happen. They are:

1. A District that moves forward--We will concentrate on looking forward to the future. We will not get stuck on petty things, but instead look to the bigger picture.

2. A District that is efficient and effective--We will be organized, timely and efficient. We will put emphasis on communication. We will provide resources that are aligned with the needs of the Locals.


3. A District that is united--Our District will not simply come together for an election or when it’s time to bargain a new contract. Our District will show our solidarity every month of every year. We will focus on keeping all sectors in our District united and effectively working for what we believe in.

4. A District that grows--We will seek to expand our membership through organizing. Our members make us strong. We have seen the power in numbers. This is what we will continue to fight for.

Brenda is in the process of putting a team together and will share that with everyone shortly. She will also be reaching out to hear ideas and concerns. She also thanks all the Locals for all they do for our members.

Susie McAllister has been promoted to Administrative Director to the Vice President. She was one of our Staff Reps for Seattle. Ken Slater has joined CWA staff as Staff Rep for Minnesota. Congratulations to the both of them. There are three (3) staff position open in District 7- one in Phoenix AZ, Denver CO, and Seattle WA.

The Quad State Meeting for Washington, Oregon and North Idaho is being held August 22nd thru August 26th 2015 in Sun River Oregon.

The District 7 Conference and Financial Officer Training will be held October 10th thru the 14th 2015 in Denver, CO.

The 2015 Minority Leadership Institute is fast approaching. The first week will be held September 27th – October 3rd 2015. The second week will be October 25th – October 30th 2015. This program is designed to develop secondary leadership. When submitting a candidate’s name, please consider their commitment to the union, their interest in organizing and movement building and their potential for future leadership. Wages and expenses will be paid for by the Residential Program.

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