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April 2013

We held a meeting at MV Transportation and elected the bargaining representatives from the work group. Congratulations to Chuck Miller and Nancy Dee O’Brien. Susie McAllister District 7 Staff Rep will lead those negotiations and we have tentative meetings scheduled May 1st thru the 3rd to meet with the company and start bargaining.

We have also added more meetings to our already scheduled unit meeting that took place Saturday April 6th. There will be four (4) additional separate meetings and the MV members can go to one or all of these. We will be holding meetings on April 10th at Round Table Pizza in Redmond, at 10:30 AM and on April 11th there will be two (2) separate meetings- the first one from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM and the other from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Redmond Library. I can’t stress enough how important it is for the membership to participate in the meetings. These discussions are what give the bargaining team the guidance of what the members are looking for in a contract.

Bargaining has been in hiatus for several weeks and will resume very soon. We understand that progress is being made and hopefully will get to a tentative agreement soon. Other than that there really is nothing new to report here.

Bargaining at IATZE has also come to a temporary stop due to several factors, but primarily we are waiting for the company to get together their financial data. Craig will probably be reporting out on other details of this issue.

We reported last month that the building the Union Hall is located in has been sold (well the deal hasn’t quite closed yet) and we have to move at some point. The search continues for new office space. While we would like to purchase a property, finding a suitable building has not happened yet, but we have looked at a few possible leases if purchasing becomes problematic. I did have a conversation with our Landlord last week in which he indicated the buyer had an option in the sale agreement that states he could extend closing dates for a couple months and he has exercised that option. So our landlord is indicating we could possibly stay up to a year.

I will keep it short and sweet this month…

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