CWA Local 7800

January 2015 Presidents Report


Submitted by Michael Lynch

January 2015 is starting off to a very bad start for some of our Centurylink members. On Tuesday January 6,2015 Centurylink announced the Seattle Dispatch Center in Seattle, Washington will close on Monday April 6, 2015. The work currently handled by the center will be transitioned to the Sioux Falls Dispatch center located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There are currently 39 employees located in the Seattle dispatch Center. lmpacted employee have the option of moving and to follow their work to the Sioux Falls Dispatch Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, apply for other positions within the company, or received severance packages, including outplacement assistance if they leave the company. I have contacted Seattle-King County Rapid Response Team for their assistance. Worksource provides an array of employment and training services designed to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of employer and job-seeker services. They also help with the filing for unemployment and per Centurylink Human Resources department, the company does not challenge anyone's unemployment claims due to closing of their offices. We also will be contacting a financial group that we have used for many for years for Unions that help with retirement planning.

We have 2 contracts that expire this year, one is AT&T, which expires April  7, 2015 and this contract will be bargained at the National level. I will be getting more information from District 7 on kick-offs and the bargaining proposals time frame. The other unit is MV Transportation which expires on July 1-,2015. We will be having a kick off in June for MV Transportation. We will start having Saturday's meeting in March for MV Transportation due to the work schedules and many of the members won't be able to make the regular membership meeting since they are still working in the evening. We will keep each unit informed as updates and information comes available.
We have Officers training this month for new Officers. I have several applications that l'm waiting to get back and start interviewing for new Stewards. We are losing 3 Stewards in the L-RAC for Centurylink due to the closing of that department. We have 16 different committees that we need Committee Chairs and members to join to have them up and rolling. lf interested please call or e-mail me at the Local for more information.

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