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June 2016 Presidents Report

We are preparing for bargaining with (IATSE) International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employee and Motion Picture Projectionists. They are one of the bargaining units that contract expires on June 30, 2016. We have met with the bargaining unit members and will be meeting again on Friday June 10, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Labor Temple in Seattle. We have sent out ballots for the unit to pick 2 members for the bargaining team- 1 full time and 1 part-time person, with back-ups for each position as well. In case one of the original team members has to be replaced for some reason. We also sent out bargaining proposals for anything the members would like to see changed or added. These are only proposals. This will be the second contract so there are some changes or corrections that will need to be explored because everything is not always worked out or covered in the first contract as well as what worked or has not worked. We are in the process of setting bargaining meeting dates as well. We have a Union info board in the work place that we will keep updated regarding the bargaining.

At MV Transportation, Local AVP Chuck Miller is now having Stewards meetings which will be very helpful. Because of the work schedules of our MV members, which are in Redmond they are not able to make Membership Meetings. I’m going to try having a meeting out there, once a quarter to hear any concerns and where they are with working conditions and the company. We will also be looking into how the Safety Committee will be communicating with their members because we are hearing of some safety concerns that are not being addressed. MV Transportation wanted to try combining some routes with Connector and Shuttle on the same bid. They were working on some schedules and hoping to have them ready to review for this bid. However Microsoft just came out with some changes on routes and now they have to do them over so they won’t be ready for this bid. Some of the members are not in favor of it because they say they would be forced to get CDL’s and take bids they do not want. Anything the company comes up with will have to be presented to the Union first, and we will meet with the members for their feedback. Effective August 1, 2016 MV will require all employees to use PTO, Sick or Vacation while on intermittent or continuous FMLA leave. The employee will be entitled to the remaining 12 weeks, 60 days or 480 hours in the rolling backward calendar year. Employees are ONLY entitled to a total of 12 weeks, 60 days or 480 regardless of how many medical certifications they have. FMLA will run concurrent with all Workers’ Compensation loss time claims. While on a continuous leave the employee is responsible to pay their portion of their health insurance premiums. If your home address or phone number changes during your leave of absence, you must notify MV.

We still have contractors working in our front yard. If you see or know of a contractor working for CenturyLink please notify your Steward or the Local. The company is moving several work groups out of Bell Plaza to the Lenora Building by the end of the year. With this move, the company is stating they will be savings of over $2M dollars for the next 2 years. Just to think we had that whole building and now we are only on 6-8 floors and they are not full.

It’s good to see that our Brothers and Sisters back East finally got a contract with Verizon. This is an imprint of what we will be going through with CenturyLink next year. I hope our members are preparing themselves, because it’s going to be a really big battle just keeping what we have. In Solidarity, Michael

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