CWA Local 7800

November 2011


Submitted by Michael Lynch

The election were held on October 11, 2011 Membership Meeting. Starting January 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2014. The new reporting for Local CWA 7800 will be, President Stan Wylie, Secretary-Treasurer Craig Dameron, Vice President Michael Lynch, Area Vice President’s will be Paul Green, Terry Mitchell, Karen Thompson and Art Clemens. Since all of the positions were ran uncontested, a motion was made and passed on the floor not to do a mailing and it passed. JJ Zimmel the Election Committee chair ran the election and nominations and I feel the process went well. There was a great saving to the Local not having to print and mail ballots etc. Congratulations to the new Board.

October 6, 2011 we held a fund raiser for Pediatric Aids at the Bell Plaza building from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and raised over $350.00. It’s the first fundraiser we have had in a while with access to use the building. Also we had a raffle giving away different Union gear of all kinds. There was great support from the members as well as the company for the event. We are hoping to have more events going forward.

We have one year from contract expiration which is 10-6-12. We will be asking members to fill out cards we have gotten from the District. The cards are titled (Yes! I’ll Be There).The National, District and the Locals are asking the members to fill out these cards in support of the Bargaining Committee and if you are willing to help with mobilization activities. Also by listing your cell phone number you can get bargaining updates as updates become available. This may well be the most important contract of our time. Looking at the National News there no misunderstanding, labor is under heavy attack. Looking at the contract negotiations going on with Verizon, they are not good. There has been several calls regarding the bargaining and they seem to be getting worse to me. We are waiting to see what the next move for mobilization is from the National.

We are still meeting with Teldata Systems on a contract for our members; we are close but not quite there yet. We also sent out bargaining proposals for our members that work for AT&T Legacy. Their contract is up next year. We want to know what the members want added or deleted from the contract going forward for next year. We also have current discussions with DGM Controls since their contract is up in December.

We will be having our quarterly meeting at MV Transportation on 11-5-11 in Redmond. This is the bus drivers for the Microsoft Campus that our Local represents. It’s a group of over 350 members. We are still meeting with the company on a tentative agreement for the office staff group. We will be meeting with them separately after the regular meeting to present the recent contract proposal by the company.

The elections are right around the corner. Don’t forget to vote and the King County Labor Council has put out the endorsements for King County by the Martin Luther King JR County Labor Council.

CWA Local 7800 will be having our Holiday Party on December 2, 2011. It will be starting at 2:30 pm. All Local 7800 members and their loved ones are invited to attend.




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