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May 2016 Presidents Report

Our Brothers and Sisters in District 1 on the East Coast that work for Verizon are still on strike, for several weeks. To show our support we have been picketing Verizon store locations around the country and here in Washington State. There was a picket in Renton last week and one this week will be in Seattle. The time is 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The National has asked that we do this every Thursday untill our brothers and sisters get a contract. CWA National is receiving reports that Verizon is attempting to raid technicians from CenturyLink by offering anywhere from $75.00 to $110.00 an hour. The T & T office is asking that if you know of this issue in your area that you email Ruth Marriott at There over 39,000 workers out of work and on strike. It is also important to remind our members that the outcome of this strike against Verizon will have a large bearing on our upcoming 2017 negotiations. The time is now to get them prepared to take up the fight for a fair and just contract.

It appears that CenturyLink has made another major error in hiring more techs than they needed-meaning they don’t have enough work and we know that, as well as the techs do too. They have started firing and writing up techs for anything it seems like. This is based off some of the investigatory meetings that have been taking place over the last few weeks and techs stating they have enough work for 8 hours and they also have some still doing ride a longs on top of that. We want to be sure that there are no contractors working when our techs are not, because of work load. Let your Stewards and the Local know if any contractors are out there working for CenturyLink.

The company has released the 49 Hour Premium Payroll Schedule for CenturyLink. Beginning on or about April 6th thru April 20th, the company was reprogramming the Sap System to comply with the 49 hour rule. Once programmed, there will be several tests through June 3rd to be sure the programming is correct. On June 3rd they will calculate the retroactive pay. On June 5th the payroll system changes will go live. There are 7 bullet points on the administration of the 49 hour recalculation. There is a pay back schedule if you are an active employee and if you have left the company and a notice is sent to you and if no response it will be referred to a Collection Agency. This goes back to October 27, 2013 through the date of the last pay period processed under the former payroll program.

MV Transportation, our bargaining unit in Redmond, has a contract completed and signed off by the company and the Union. We will be sending it to the printer for copies to be made and given out to the members. There is a proposal for some new routes in MV which the company wants to combine some Shuttle and Connector routes together and I’m being told there is a total of 30 routes. There was a Stewards meeting last week which Mike Haner who is the Director of Operations met and explained the process to the Stewards. The feedback I’m getting is there a lot of concerns and unanswered questions. I will be meeting with Chuck Miller, the Area Vice President and Nancy Dee O’Brien, the Area Rep to discuss the proposal the company is making before it is put into place.

OPEIU Local 8’s proposal from the Employers for the latest contract offer was turned down overwhelming. Our Office Secretary is under that Local and contract. The contract had been extended till May 16, 2016 and that is when the bargaining teams are schedule for the next meeting. Hopefully there will be some headway in bargaining.

We have a new member added to the bargaining from DGM Controls. We have a total of 9 members on that unit now, which is great. We have sent notice to IATSE to set up meeting to meet with the company and work group to get the ball rolling for their contract. Our first meeting with the work group is set for May 17, 2016. We will put out information on the process for electing a member to set on the Bargaining Team and deadlines for getting bargaining proposals and any other concerns the unit may have.

In Solidarity-

Michael Lynch

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