CWA Local 7800

September 2014

Nominations are coming up next month on Tuesday October 14, 2014 at our Membership Meeting for President & CWA Convention Delegate, Secretary-Treasurer & CWA Convention Delegate, Vice- President & CWA Convention Delegate, 3-Area Vices Presidents & CWA Convention Delegates (Rotational). Candidates interested in running for office should read Article XIV of the CWA Local 7800 By-laws on Nominations and Election of Local Officers. It gives all the details and the process on how the election will be ran. Our Local is going through a major restructure and whoever runs for these positions, I can tell you it’s going to be some work. We really need members to step up to the plate and be active- for Stewards, Area Rep’s, Committee Chairs and Committee Members. With Stan and Craig leaving, it’s going to be some real work.

This is a very dark month for our Local. We will have lost over 147 jobs in our Local as of the end of September 30, 2014. The SDC job title in our Local will only exist for 10 positions now, when it was 157 in the (BSDO) Business Service Delivery Operations Office. The work has moved to North Dakota and Minneapolis, unless you got a different job title, other than the SCD job title. The EVSPP was a total joke…out of all the many people that put in for it and many of them were qualified for a job match based off requirements that was listed for the jobs posted, only 1 employee was matched up with a job on the EVSPP. The STLA was not very much better. People had to make decisions before they had all the information to make the best possible decision for themselves moving forward with their new life. We have had so many complain on how poorly they felt it was all ran. You could never get an answer straight by phone or e-mail on many questions that the members had and many never got any answers. We really need members to step up to the plate and be active for stewards, area rep’s, committee chairs and committee members.

This report is short, as I have just taken over as President within the last couple of weeks. I will have more to report on as I work through my inbox and e-mails.

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