CWA Local 7800

March 2014

Greetings everyone, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I should say contracts for MV have been distributed and for those with CenturyLink there are electronic versions available on the Company and District 7 websites. I understand soon the company will have an order form on their website for those who wish to order a hard copy of the contract. From previous communications I would have expected that option to be available by now but it is not. Imagine that… In the meantime please feel free to view the contract on either website.

At MV we tried moving forward to implement the changes to the vacation process for the members. Our goal here is to get everyone moved to a January thru December vacation cycle. Since currently everyone receives their vacation based on their Full Time seniority date, it means we have to pro-rate everyone over to the following year. In speaking with management for the last several months, I was pretty much confident that in regards to implementation that the process was agreed to and we had the same understanding of how the implementation was going to work. After the company put out the bidding packets and after the Connector side had bid, I was able to sit down with management and realized they were not implementing what we discussed. Not only that, it was causing some people to lose their already earned (but not yet taken) vacation time. That is clearly not what we agreed to. It would have also given some folks more vacation then they had actually earned. It became very problematic.

After discussing with management we decided to postpone the vacation changes effective this year and make them effective January 2015. This will give us time to educate all the members of what changes will take place next year and how that impacts their time so they will have a complete understanding and be able to plan accordingly.

At CenturyLink we continue to have the same issues week after week. The company finds itself short of headcount and therefore is micromanaging the work groups. We have met to discuss LOA’s for the outside folks and from our initial meeting we seem to be pretty far apart. The company took our proposals and will discuss and get back to us. I am not totally optimistic they will see everything our way.

It seems it will be an interesting year with CenturyLink as we move through the year, we are finding more and more contractual language changes that the meaning is in dispute. For now I will just cut this report short for this month.

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