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AT&T Bargaining

There was finally an agreement put out for a vote on a new contract. It ratified and employees can expect 6 months retroactivity on wages. It passed by 64.51%

ATT - 041
August 16, 2019

To: Local Presidents Representing AT&T Legacy T Members
Subject: AT&T Retroactive Pay

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters,
We have received several calls inquiring when AT&T will be paying the retroactive pay.
The company has informed us that this payment will be reflected on the September 27th
The first pay increase of 3% is retroactive to February 5, 2019, and the second pay increase of
3% is retroactive to August 5, 2019.
If you have any questions feel free to contact our office.

In Solidarity,
Ken Saether, Assistant to Vice President