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Minutes from the Retiree Officer Chapter Call 

August 9, 2021

We still need to reach out to our retirees as we start having retiree meetings again.

1.     AT&T Legacy T – Our contract expires in 2023.  As a LT member Direct TV offers discount.  If you need a new remote, you can call into AT&T concession and get credit. 1-877-377-9010 press 6,3,1- emailed Kim Wilburn asking if any changes coming up this fall with AT&T. 

 2.     Nokia/Goodman -. We need to reach out to those new retirees and invite them to join our RMC and chapters since they are retired from Nokia.  Judy is still waiting for a list of those retirees. Mail order increase in price from CVS.  Mary Jo working on it, letter went out to us earlier. 

 3.     Lumen – CTL concession number is 800-659-3279.  Make sure if you have a Health Reimbursement account that you are getting reimbursed.  Contract is up end of 2023.   

 4.     Lumen: Discussed layoffs/retirements, etc.  No update on arbitration over Premise Tech title.   

Lumen: Remember the address for the YSA is PO Box 661147, Dallas, TX 75266-1147.  This is the PO Box for all Lumen retirees. 

Lumen:  There is a one-time opportunity to suspend your coverage and still be able to enroll in the plan at a later date.  As of January 1, 2021, everyone that was in a waived opportunity to suspend your coverage and still be able to enroll in the plan at Lumen.   

Lumen to sell 20 states, Legacy Qwest to remain – see PDF attached.

 5.     Aptify is not up and running for retirees.  Cristi is hoping Sept we can test system.  Their     aim is for Oct/Nov up and running.   

6.      We have NOT received our “gold card” report or LT member report since May 29th.  Waiting.

7.  What are we doing to grow our retiree chapters while shut down? 

 8.   Several were sending emails with updates, having zoom or conf calls, calling chapter members.   

9.     July 20 I sent out the notice for CWA Convention in New Orleans, starting on Oct.17. 2021., Our retiree meeting will be Sat Oct 16th, still waiting for notice to go to our retirees, 

10.    Union Plus discount, mention to your LT retirees so they can utilize these 31 discounts. 

11. Open Agenda discussed Good RX & Canadian drug costs.

Our next Chapter Officers conf call will be Monday October 11, 2021,at 5:00 p.m. PT, 6:00 p.m. MT and 7:00 p.m. CT