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Presidents Report March 2022

March 2022 Presidents Report


    We are almost a quarter of the way through of the year. It is almost March 12th which means we will no longer be required to wear masks in the state of Washington.  This does not mean that you cannot wear a mask, it simply means that it is no longer a requirement. Studies have proven that they do help to reduce the transmission of many viruses. Please make the right choice for you and your family.

    I have been very busy doing bargaining, grievances, and other Steward and Presidential duties. I am getting exhausted and I need more people to step up and do more. The last union steward’s class was rescheduled to March 29th, so you still have time to sign up.


AT&T> I was able to meet with a manager from AT&T and work out some issues. We still have a few questions about jurisdictional work. I am looking forward to having a steward or two from AT&T.

Avaya> Nothing to report at this time.

Centurylink/Lumen> We are coming up on one year until the expiration of the contract. It is time to start preparing and saving. We continue to fight L2S in every way that we can.

DGM> Last year we signed a one year agreement so the contract is due to be renegotiated again in July.

Evoque> Bargaining meeting scheduled for this Friday.

Iatse> We have been dealing with some preventable discipline, I am looking forward to having a steward or two from Iatse dispatch.

MV> Lots going on, Drivers are back to work. NLRB case is ongoing but briefs are due to the NLRB by today. Decision due within 30 days. Hoping to get back to the bargaining table soon.   

Paizo> Bargaining is going well. Have a couple of new hires to orientate. Looking forward to continuing the fight for a good first contract.

WEC/WCV> We continue to bargain and address issues in the workplace. Looking forward to new hires and a good first contract.

We are coming to a point where we are all going to need to support each other. It doesn’t matter if you work for the same company or another bargaining unit, we need to come out to rallies, strikes, shows of solidarity, and help each other however we can. Most of us will have our contracts renegotiated in the next year and we are going to need all the support we can get. Please keep that in mind when you get emails from me asking you to help out.

 I want to say congratulations to the Starbucks workers and let them know we support them.


In Solidarity,

Art Clemens

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